Eligible Sharp MFPs for Google Cloud Print

google cloud print

Eligible Sharp MFPs for Google Cloud Print

Google Cloud Print is a Google service that lets users print from any Cloud-Print-aware application (web, desktop, mobile) on any device in the network cloud to any printer – without Google having to create and maintain printing subsystems for all the hardware combinations of client devices and printers, and without the users having to install device drivers to the client, but with documents being fully transmitted to Google. (Courtesy of Wikipedia.)

The following are Sharp MFPs that support Google Cloud Print:

MX-5150FN (v2)
MX-5150FV (v2)
MX-5170FN (v2)
MX-5170FV (v2)
MX-6050N (v2)
MX-6050V (v2)
MX-6070N (v2)
MX-6070V (v2)
MX-6150FN (v2)
MX-6150FV (v2)
MX-6170FN (v2)
MX-6170FV (v2)
MX-B355W (v2)
MX-B455W (v2)
MX-M3050 (v2)

MX-M3070 (v2)
MX-M3550 (v2)
MX-M3570 (v2)
MX-M4050 (v2)
MX-M4070 (v2)
MX-M5050 (v2)
MX-M5070 (v2)
MX-M6050 (v2)
MX-M6070 (v2)
MX-2630FN (v2)
MX-2630N (v2)
MX-2650FN (v2)
MX-2650FV (v2)
MX-3050N (v2)
MX-3050V (v2)

MX-3060N (v2)
MX-3060V (v2)
MX-3070N (v2)
MX-3070V (v2)
MX-3150FN (v2)
MX-3150FV (v2)
MX-3550N (v2)
MX-3550V (v2)
MX-3560N (v2)
MX-3560V (v2)
MX-3570N (v2)
MX-3570V (v2)
MX-3630FN (v2)
MX-3650FN (v2)
MX-3650FV (v2)

MX-4050N (v2)
MX-4050V (v2)
MX-4060N (v2)
MX-4060V (v2)
MX-4070N (v2)
MX-4070V (v2)
MX-4150FN (v2)
MX-4150FV (v2)
MX-4170FN (v2)
MX-4170FV (v2)
MX-5050N (v2)
MX-5050V (v2)
MX-5070N (v2)
MX-5070V (v2)

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