Ken Sawyer

You do have enough time to exercise, really…

Especially if you make moving more a priority throughout the day, even if that’s a work day.

Most of our waking hours are spent in the workplace.  So what we do (or don’t do for that matter) during those hours can have a profound … Read More

It’s no secret: technology evolves fast and recent advancements are changing almost every aspect of life – from work to home. For any business, regardless of size or industry, investments in technology can be daunting. How do you know what’s right for you? What innovational solutions are worth the cost? … Read More

In the same way that digital downloads replaced vinyl records, analog copiers have failed to keep pace with even the most basic of their digital counterparts for two reasons: productivity and quality. The modern copy machine is much more than just a device used to reproduce printed material. Often multifunctional … Read More

Should you buy or lease a copier?
Sometimes this can be a daunting task, especially if you are an office manager or executive assistant who has been assigned to this decision.  Typically, it makes sense to lease a machine if you are confident that you are capable of paying … Read More

Look, we know how it is. You’ve been sent out on a scouting mission to find the best possible printing or copying solution for your office. Everyone knows you’re diligent, resourceful, a hard worker…the problem is that you simply don’t know the lingo. There are tons of acronyms, terms and terminology … Read More

When it comes to marketing you’re careful to choose amazing images with lots of color for your website and social media posts, so why wouldn’t you do the same in your print pieces? You can’t beat a great custom marketing piece to make a statement about your business! Did you … Read More

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