The Benefits of Sharp Multifunction Printers at a Glance

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The Benefits of Sharp Multifunction Printers at a Glance

About Sharp MFPs

Current-day office machines can do far more than just make copies like their predecessors. These new copiers and printers can handle multiple tasks, which lends itself to how they are known: multi-function printers (MFPs.) These office machines combine the functionality of copiers, scanners and printers into one useful tool that can expedite work and increase efficiency in the office.

Sharp offers a wide variety of MFP models that each come with various features and speeds, with some units able to churn out 20 printed pages per minute while others boast up to 70 pages per minute. Included in this speed are user-friendly features like touch screen displays, full-sized retractable keyboards and the ability to print directly from a USB thumb drive.

Cost: You Get What You Pay For

The price of a Sharp MFP tends to start around $1,000 for smaller, desktop model that will print 20 pages per minute. That’s at the low-end, whereas the high-end model can cost around $20,000. This beast offers a fully robust networking interface that also allows for document management via the unit. All the other MFP models with fall within these two prices and offer various degrees of bells and whistles, all designed to skyrocket output in your office.

The Pros of a Sharp MFP

  • Less Expensive – Although you get what you pay for, there’s such a thing as “overpaying.” Sharp MFP models are the “just right” part of the story, and are usually less expensive than similar MFP makers, such as Canon, but offer the same, if not better, features.
  • Greater Paper Options – A Sharp MFP is more compatible with a greater variety of paper types (glossy paper, bond paper, labels, etc.)

We hope this quick tutorial on the benefits of a Sharp Multifunction Printer has piqued your interest in what these advanced office machines can do for your business. Browse our extensive collection of copiers and printers to see which model will best suit your needs.

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