New Vs. Pre-Owned Copiers


New Vs. Pre-Owned Copiers

Advantages of New Vs. Pre-Owned Office Copiers fro Your Business

If you are buying a new copier, you can generally take 50% of how much the new unit cost and get the used copier for that rate. Like with buying a car, a used copier can sometimes have problems. It is really a savings vs. peace of mind debate.

The Advantage of a New Copier

The advantage of a new copier is that it generally comes with a lengthy warranty, or generally performs efficiently and has the latest technology.

The Advantage of a Pre-Owned Copier

The advantage of a pre-owned copier is that it can be purchased for hundreds to thousands dollars less than a new copier. Sometimes, you can even get bonus features like finishing on the copier at no additional price.

With both new and pre-owned copiers you can get starter sets of supplies, so you can go for a while without buying more supplies, and there is a guaranteed warranty and service agreement for both options.

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