Multi-Function Printers and Office Machines in Dallas


Multi-Function Printers and Office Machines in Dallas

When it comes to making copies, perfecting presentations and wowing the potential clients (or the boss) there are few office machines that can make magic happen like a multi-function printer, MFP for short. Sometimes called “the hardest working employee in the office” a good printer never sleeps and never gets tired of churning out stunning prints and copies time and again.

Now, with the help of everyone’s favorite all-knowing website, let’s see how Wikipedia defines our favorite office machine, the multi-function printer (MFP):

An MFP (multi-function product/printer/peripheral), multi-functional, all-in-one (AIO), or multi-function device (MFD), is an office machine which incorporates the functionality of multiple devices in one, so as to have a smaller footprint in a home or small business setting (the SOHO market segment), or to provide centralized document management/distribution/production in a large-office setting. A typical MFP may act as a combination of some or all of the following devices: Email, Fax, Photocopier, Printer, Scanner.

Components of Multi-Function Printer

The vital elements that put the “multi-function” in the majority of multi-function printers are:

  • Printing. Print functions may include: Network, USB, Parallel or other connection types, printer drivers are typically universal for usage with different operating systems, ability to print directly to the MFP’s internal storage function, CD/DVD label printing capability, increased printing speed and capacity, higher DPI resolution for improved scanning and printing quality
  • Copying.  In addition to standard copy making, functions may include: Document finishing capabilities such as stapling, various hole punching configurations, folding (half and tri-fold options), cover binding, document editing modes such as pagination, image scaling & rotation, page numbering and watermarking
  • Scanner. External source scanning and storage or printing, internal storage retrieval scanning, automatic document feeder allowing multiple sheets of paper to be input hands-free, simultaneous dual sided paper scanning
  • Fax. The MFP office machine offers such things as an answering machine, cordless telephone, color fax capability, PC/laptop Fax sending & receiving, E-mail fax capability, Internet Fax

Additionally, a MFP typically includes email-to-machine printing, copying and faxing and other networking solutions to streamline the office and boost efficiency and productivity. Here at A1 Image, we recommend Sharp brand office machines due to their unparalleled workmanship and ability to produce high quality products time and again. While you’re here, please browse our Sharp MFP selection to find the best fit for your office needs.



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