A1 Image Business Referral Program

A1 Image's Business Referral Program

Becoming an A1 Image Business Referral partner is easy. Just identify a referral, submit that referral’s information to us and we’ll do the rest. If your referral meets the program requirements and purchases or leases a MFP from A1 Image, you get paid.

Whom can I refer?
Any business seeking a standalone copier-MFP or multiple copiers.

How much do I get?
You will receive your check once your referral has been installed.

  • Single Units: $200 for any single standalone copier.
  • Multiple Units: $200 for the first unit and $100 for each additional unit sold.

How do I sign up?
Fill out a simple form with your information plus your referral’s info and A1 Image will contact you with updates on your referral’s progress.

The A1 Image’s Referral Program is a simple way for business professionals like you to earn extra cash by leveraging the business contacts you’re already making. All you have to do is help clients, colleagues, and partners get better office systems to optimize their document work flow.

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